What Our Clients Are Saying

"The Power Of Consistency and Focus"

Katie, co-founder of Brass

We've seen an improved workflow and more comprehensive storytelling across channels. We also saw growth in our customer list, improved engagement and, of course, an increase in REVENUE!! Janine taught me the power of consistency and focus. We now choose to do a few things really well rather than a dozen things just OK. That is the most freeing feeling to me :)

"Running my business is actually fun now!"

Alexis, Founder of Bohemian Bias

"Janine is a literal retail angel. Not only have our sales been stronger since working together, but running my business is actually fun now! From marketing, to setting goals, to creative brainstorming, this has been the greatest asset to my company. A true gift, especially during 2020. Her holistic approach to retail is a breath of fresh air in today's consumerism driven environment."

"Refer Back and Realign"

Kinsey, Founder of Crose Nest Apothecary

The way Janine breaks down processes and explains why and how they are important builds a foundation rather than a toppling tower. The tools Feel Good Retail provides are evergreen so if ever things start to feel ungrounded, I can refer back to them and realign. We are now on the verge of a big expansion, and I am so relieved to know we have this a strong base to grow upon."